Trying to drum up
more business?

There’s now a much easier way for you to attract and interact with prospects and customers/clients and it’s called ‘Text Message Marketing’
(or SMS Marketing)

It’s much easier to reach
customers/clients via S.M.S. than email

Email read rates
average less than 23%

S.M.S. is now the most popular form of communication. Ofcom

In the past SMS messaging was limited to the bigger companies…..but not any more.
Now, S.M.S. Marketing UK can help local businesses to send mass messages to their clients.
Your messages can be for offers, promotions and you can even attach digital coupons.
Build a list of happy customers that you can market to in the future. Client data is GOLD.

An example in the case of restaurants:
A relationship is needed between a restaurant and a customer. Diners come in, eat, pay and leave.
That makes it difficult to build a relationship. That’s where SMS comes in. When you collect
mobile numbers you have a connection to your customers that you can use to drive sales
and increase customer lifetime value.

The most common way restaurants drive repeat business using mobile numbers is
by sending time-sensitive promotions that often lead to immediate sales.
It’s not an expensive strategy but has a large ‘Return On Investment potential.

As an Example, a Restaurant can:

  1. Drive online orders
  2. Manage reservations by text or online
  3. Easily create an SMS loyalty program.
  4. Give coupon offers to win something like a free meal for one at a table for 4 or more

IF… don’t already have a database of clients/customers there are many ways we can help you
to build one. It depends on what you do…..are you a restaurant? massage parlour? retail shop?
Whatever business you’re in, we can create what’s known as a ‘funnel’ to build a database for you.

In this video example, we use SMS marketing for a restaurant but it could be any niche