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What could you lose if you don’t move over to sms text message marketing?

Less Reach: SMS marketing for small businesses makes it quick and easy to reach large audiences since most people always carry their phone with them and are likely to see a text message within minutes of sending it. If a business doesn’t use SMS, it risks losing the chance to reach potential customers who prefer to communicate via SMS, which is official. View the UK regulator’s announcement here.

Also, if a UK business doesn’t use SMS marketing, they risk missing an opportunity to more meaningfully engage with their target audience.

Limited Personalisation: SMS marketing in the UK allows for personalized messaging as companies can send targeted messages to specific groups or individuals based on their interests or behavior.

Disadvantage for customers: SMS is a convenient way to get information and offers as they can read and reply to SMS at will. Additionally, if your business doesn’t use SMS, it can be difficult for customers to receive and engage with your marketing efforts.

 I’m moving over to SMS

Overall, text messaging can help small businesses reach, retain, and convert more prospects, leading to increased sales and revenue. Again, there is a risk that the company will lose these benefits if it does not use SMS. You can find the independent statistics here 

Stay one step ahead of the competition: Reach your customers quickly and easily via SMS!

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